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Crypto, Investing, clearing your own credit fast….these are the things I am working on and will share with you as part of my circle.  Free videos, private zooms and life changing classes are what is coming!  Don’t miss out, this IS your ticket to freedom…


Only a fool lets the enemy educate his children.  I spent over 10yrs sending my kids to public schools.  Shortly after January 2020 we pulled the plug.  It has been a struggle and a blessing all in one…I am unschooling, changing the entire trajectory of my children’s life and it is so empowering.  I will share videos, books and things we do for “school”.  


I have a vaccine injured child.  You can imagine the information I have come across in my research. 5yrs ago, we made every doctor appointment, ate from the pyramid and felt like shit and were sick ALL the time.  Now, most of our food is organic, we haven’t been to a doctors appointment in 5+ yrs, unless really necessary.  We love using oils, herbs and food to heal our body…and all things cannabis for the adults!

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How I Authenticated My Birth Certificate

I will walk you step by step how I obtained my Certificate of Live Birth and had it authenticated at the State and Federal levels for many different reasons. I will explain what the COLB is vs the Birth Certificate and what I am using for and its other possible uses.


June 2022

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I grew up Catholic, transitioned to methodist ….then non-denominational.  It’s crazy after you have kids things really change, you want to know what to tell them and explain our life, our mortality, but the more I dug into religion the more I found it was just set up to control and divide us.  I don’t have all the answers, hell I have more questions than answers….but I have a better relationship with God today than I did so many years ago following any religion.  I love sharing what has changed me, how it has made a drastic impact on my life…maybe you can use something to help you on your journey.  

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"This has been such an amazing journey, as I continue to escape from what I consider the matrix I hope to inspire others to find their path to freedom...."
Jill Landrie
Women-Daughter of The Most High

About Me...

Hey there, my name is Jill Landrie.  I am a woman, a mom, a wife and red pill enthusiast.  I spend much of my time just loving life and working to free my family and friends from the chains that have us slaving away our entire lives to enjoy the last ten years in retirement.

There is so much we just don’t know and that has happened on purpose.  Breaking free from the Matrix, looks different for everyone, but has 4 main areas that I like to think are a good start.  Those are financial, health, education and spiritual.

I will be sharing and talking about all of these on my website and in my email list.  Much of what I share often gets deleted or removed from social so its a gamble over on those platforms 🙂

Make sure to hop on my email list, I have a few free zoom classes coming up, one on crypto and one on credit…you don’t want to miss them!