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Common Law versus law common to i

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Hey Jill, how’s it going?

Hey, it’s going pretty good little windy out here.

Ah, sunny and beautiful and heaven in Florida, not a cloud. And finally, finally the heat has broken. So it’s like 72 and 50s at night and it’s

perfect. So you can leave your windows open, right? No, yeah,

if the window well, you can have your windows open until the afternoon until about lunchtime, that starts to get pretty warm again. Right now it’s good. We’re in that season where you go from air conditioned to eat or conditioned to the heat literally all day, you’re conditioning to heat. Today, we’re going to clear up the confusion of the difference between common law and law common to I’m sure you see this all the time, right? You see this? You see this in social media people like I’m invoking the common long, you’re like, oh, okay, you’re close. But but but you’re not there yet. So, let’s go through this. Let me let me read a little something about common law. Okay, now, here’s the way I look at everything. Who invented it? When was it invented? So if my Creator if I believe in a creator, and I believe there’s something far more brilliant than than me, even though I believe I’m pretty brilliant. There’s something far more powerful than me at the house, whether it’s aliens, God, energy, some some other dimensional beings? I don’t know. We don’t know. Right? But there’s something up there. That’s far more brilliant. And I and that’s something now in my life, my I believe there is a God or I am God, or we are all part of God or whatever the 10 commandments were created. And I really believe they were they were they hit the nail on the head. Whether it was an interpretation through man, I really believe I personally believe that the 10 commandments did a really good job at explaining law, all the way back at the beginning. Right? So the 10 commandments are you know, do no harm. Thou shalt not murder do not covet thy neighbor’s wife do not bear false witness. Right? There’s there’s different variations, slight variations of it, but it was pretty on point, right? There’s no gray area in the 10 commandments, it’s pretty black and white. And then after that, man created all this legal fuckery this this, you know, word salad, the bastardization of law, the counterfeit law, the clone of law. And so I always, when I see something, when I’m presented with something, I say, Okay, who created it? Was it man who’s flawed? Or was it the Creator? Okay, so with common law, who created it? Well, let me read you something, just from Wikipedia. Here we go. In law, common law, also known as judicial precedent, or here we go, buckle up. Judge made law. Okay, the judge made law is common law is the body of law created by judges, and similar quasi judicial tribunals, by virtue of being stated in written opinions, not just the first sentence of Wikipedia, just the first sentence, there’s more. So let me translate this for you into horsey ducky terminology. The Creator created the original law, the 10 commandments, do no harm. And then after that, judges and man and whatever opinions and all this other stuff created common law. So these people that are throwing around, I’m going to invoke the common law, that’s the common law, the constitutional law, that’s all manmade, by confused sometimes evil men and women. Let me continue, the defining characteristic of common law is that it arises as precedent. Okay, so bear with me, I’ll translate it in cases where the parties disagree on what the law is. Now, how can you disagree on what the law is the law was set in the beginning. don’t kill, don’t lie. Don’t be an asshole. Right? Yeah, that’s pretty basic and cut and dry and black and white. And I don’t think anybody can argue with it. That’s law. But then we’re the parties are disagreeing on what the law is. A common law court looks to past decisions of relevant court who decides what’s relevant, what’s not relevant, and synthesizes the principles of those past cases as applicable to the current facts. So again, let me let me decipher this and simplify this for you.

Whenever something came up in common law, if it was already decided upon by flawed man known as judge in the past, if they’re if some prior Judge Dead or Alive had given their opinion on something, just as as as similar. Oh, well, that’s precedent, it’s already been decided. It’s already been figured out by flawed man. But if something new was presented, well, then the new judge that was alive and sitting there in that case, could make their decision. So herein lies the difference between law and legal in law, no opinions or judgments are allowed. Because law is set in stone, it’s black and white. You’re just there to to agree and verify that I’ve brought a claim before the court. But in legal nothing that is true, and no facts are allowed to be presented. So in legal, it’s all opinions and judgments. And they say it right here. They say it right here. Let me continue. If however, the court finds okay, if however, the court finds that the current dispute right dispute, it’s an argument is fundamentally distinct from all previous cases. Judges have the authority and duty to resolve the issue. Like giving their opinion, the court states and opinion that gives reasons for the decision, that that that that that that that that? So common law is basically, what did the old judge say? It’s the body of law made by judges. What are the old guys say what seniority comes to mind the word seniority comes to mind? You know, what did my daddy judge say? So they’re giving more power to the judges and the precedent and the opinions of men and feeding the ego rather than saying, Well, wait a minute, is this law from the Creator. And this is the big difference. Common Law is what’s common to the 8 billion people on the planet, which is legal, legal, legal law, legal fuckery. But law common to i, Jennifer, I, Jill, I and I, Cody, i Jean, we all have different laws, slightly different rock laws. That is unique because I rely back to law. I refer back to law and say, no, no, no, do no harm. And you harmed me, therefore you broke the law. Does that make sense? I explain that Well, enough, Jill?

Yeah, definitely. It’s under. We were just talking about it earlier, before we got on here. Slowing down and asking those questions for me has kind of changed my understanding of all of it. Who said this? Why do I have to do it? Before I didn’t realize how robotic I was, with my life, even being, you know, someone that kinda already knew everything was good. So it’s just asking those basic questions and steering clear of what the majority are doing? Because they have I had no idea. I had no idea. Yeah. When you started talking to me about law coming to AI, and it didn’t make any sense to me. And now I’m studying the legal side a little bit for some things, and it’s making more sense to me how screwed up it is, and how it’s following the system that they made up, not the original system,

right. They made it up. It literally says in this same paragraph, the court states and opinion that gives reasons for the decision, so they’re interjecting their ego, their own Yeah, their own ego. They’re They’re getting away from law that was set in stone, and I’m pretty perfect from the beginning. And it says that they give reasons for the decision and those reasons agglomerate with past decisions as precedent to bind future judges and litigants, and what that means is we’re going to lay down a precedent and a path of of word salad so that we can perpetuate our fraud in future generations and future judges and future litigants. exactly what the what it says right here in the first paragraph. If you type in common law into Google and click on the Wikipedia link, common law is the body of law made by judges, stands in contrast to and on equal footing with statutes which are adopted through the legislative process and blah, blah, blah, and regulations are promulgated by the executive branch. That’s all man made stupidity.

Yes. All the statutes, all the codes all the every time My mind is blown as I look through them, and my thought is holy crap. How many people had to put this together?

Oh, they’ve been planning this for 1000s of years. Rome never fell. Rome just reinvented itself, change. Roman civil laws been perpetuated over the whole world. And the common law was so named because it was common to all the king’s courts across England. That’s the second paragraph it starts with that originated in the practices of the courts of the English kings in the centuries following the Norman Conquest in 1066. Hello. So when people say I want to invoke the common law, my rights, my rights, human rights, civil rights, and how about going back to the original law, the G O, the OG sorry, the OG law, the OG law trumps the counterfeit law all day, every day, and the counterfeit law is known as common law. Now we know what people mean, we know they think they’re invoking their rights, and they commonly taboo rights and God given rights or does not come into court to save you. So you need to know how to articulate this, how to enforce this, how to express this, how to hold your own court. It’s just it’s so mind boggling that there’s this many confused people out there in the world. What does it say here today? 1/3 of the world’s population lives in common law jurisdictions or in systems mixed, mixed with civil law. And then they go and they list all the countries. Yeah. Common Law is considered synonymous with case law. Boom, boom, boom, you got you go into a courtroom. And you tell the judge I want to invoke the common law. I’m written you know, I’m speaking common law. The judge got jurisdiction over you write that in there because what’s common? Legal, what’s common? The fraud, what’s common, what everybody thinks is real. That’s what’s common. Law common to I Jennifer, is far different from what might be common to the person next to me or the man or woman next to me, we don’t person as a corporation. So the man next to me might be Muslim, as John says, and have four wives and that’s his law. Well, my property my husband better not try that shit. Is law common? i Right. And so everyone can have a slightly different law common to AI, as long as we do no harm and as long as we respect and, and and live with the original law. So I that was so important for us to discuss with you all because people get confused. And there’s a lot of confusion out there. And we’re here to clear it up. Any questions on that that we can answer when someone says please do not stop recording at the q&a? Because much value in that ironing, sharpening giant iron sharpening iron entirely relevant to context? Yeah, that’s

true. I get a lot from q&a as myself.

Yep. Yep. Yeah, just just does this common law. Oh, my gosh, it’s just the wrong word to use. I mean, I use it and we use it in our keywords, right. We put in our blog posts, if people are searching for it. Yep. But it’s not the right term to use. It’s not the right term to use. What have you heard people saying about common law?

I talked to a lot of people on the legal side. They mix common law and law common to AI. And I see it because I know the difference. So I can I understand what they’re trying to say but they mix the words up and they’re not meaning what they’re saying or they’re confused. Because to me it’s just lawful or legal. That’s a lawful legal in my brain. I need to I need it simple. I’ve got to keep it simple for my brain because there’s just so much information.

Yeah, and even Black’s Law which we don’t promote, you know, people leaning on another man made fiction like Black’s Law Dictionary, this edition fifth edition, 10th edition, but even The 10th edition differentiates common law which is law from equity well why do they differentiate it? Well equity is is more aligned with law common I remedy honor and and they say that common law is different from that oh interesting because England had two different court systems before 1873 So um you know I always say the devils in the details don’t get too crazy on it but let’s just simplify it really just want to simplify it law calm and I love because people say we have equal rights the hell we do you know the the neighbor in the HOA next to me might be okay with with the HOA telling them that their blades of grass or 1/10 of an inch too long. Well, that doesn’t fly on my property. Yeah, my love slightly different. I don’t want your equal rights. I don’t want the rights that you think you have or don’t have. Mine. Yeah, I want my rights. That’s why they want to read you Miranda rights because they want everyone to think that we all have the same rights. Oh, hell no. Hell no. Because some some woman that goes on a date with the man that I went on a date with might allow him to punch her in the face. She might like that. Maybe she thinks it’s kinky, right? Yeah, maybe that’s her law that that’s her rights that hey, I like that. I like when a guy punches me in the face. It gets me off my law. You look at me sideways, I’m probably going to shoot you. So that’s my rights. Um, you know that every no harm? Yeah, do no harm, do no harm. So if if a you know, if a man wants to do something to me, that is okay with another woman. He better know my law. He might he might, you know, he might not fare too well on that date. One of I remember one time I was moving out of state just to get away from a guy that I broke up with, he wouldn’t even leave me alone. And for the record, No Man’s ever put their hands on me ever. I think I just carry myself a certain way. And I’m lucky because that doesn’t really because that’s very rare when it comes to women.

Ever. Never. Not once. Wow. No.

Yeah, that’s that’s very rare. Um, as I, as I survey, all my girlfriends, most of them have been violated, either, you know, physically, sexually in some way. But I always look back and say No Man’s ever put their hands on me. I wonder why they must have known they probably end up dead. But I remember I was walking away from from from one guy and I just didn’t want to, you know, be his girlfriend anymore. After two years. And I, I moved out of state just to make sure it was a really clean cut. And as I’m getting in my truck, he put his hand on my wrist. Like no, no, don’t go, don’t go. And I just turned my head sideways. And he let go, like, like, I was gonna kill him. He’s like, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. I didn’t mean to do it. And so I’m really apparently I’m really good at expressing law calm and I which some other woman might might have taken them back at that moment and said, No, that’s okay with me. And so law comment, AI is about our own power, our own rights, our own laws. You know, it can imagine Jill if we raised our sons and daughters with this knowledge that their confidence their self esteem would would would soar and go through the roof and they’ve never let people walk all over them in the future.

It’s so yeah, it’s so different than the way we’re raised. Like even. I’m just blown away when I look at it all now that I’m teaching my children and having to help them unlearn what you know Dominic’s. 15. So he’s already been in the public school system for so many years. Luckily, we weren’t the family that was I had already broken away from the medical system and you know, things like that. But

yeah, be a good little girl. Be a good little girl. What are the boys taught? Don’t voice your opinion, your emotions, you know, there’s just so much programming that they’re there, their inner voice, their inner warrior down completely down. You know, we can’t express our law. We can’t say what we want. I read this versus a funny story. My mom reminded me of this last year or maybe even this year, basically, since since this whole attack on humanity started in 2020. At some point in the past year, my mom watched me take this this path of becoming a spiritual warrior and spreading this truth and she said to me, do you remember that you came to me at some point like eight 910 years old, and said, Mom, I figured You know, she said, what, what did you figure out? She said that I said to her, nobody can tell me what to do. Even if they hold a gun to my head,

I still have a choice. You know, she thought,

oh god, she’s so right. I don’t want to tell her she’s right. Because then she’ll never do chores. But I had figured it out at 10 years old that nobody can tell us what to do. And that’s why we get so mad when people are like, Well, my boss told me to do this with a piece of paper on the door at CVS told me to do this. And I’m like, Are you kidding me? Right? Are you kidding me? You’re listening to a piece of paper that doesn’t have a mouth and lips and teeth and a tongue to speak? What kind of a pussy Are you? I mean, I’m sorry, I’m not sorry. But really, if I figured it out at 10 years old, and these kids you see on the YouTubes and the TIC TOCs. Shutting down County School Systems with their mask mandates are smart enough to understand this intelligent enough. I shouldn’t use the word smart. The word smart actually means to harm oneself. That’s why they have smart phones. Smart Meters. Smart, right? Smart Cities, words important. Smart TVs words are important. vocabulary is important. But oh my gosh. Oh, oh, my head hurts just thinking about it.

I’m gonna I had fun using your suggestion this morning at the airport? Um, well, yeah. Yeah, yeah, cuz

airport. Yep. Yep. I

took my friend to the airport. Last time someone told me I had to get the had to get scanned at the hospital. I didn’t say this. But when I told you about what happened, and I said, No, I wasn’t going to and I went got my stuff. You told me to ask them. Is that an order? Right? And I thought about that this morning, when I took my friend to the

airport, we teach at law calm and calm. Yes, it’s the

response that you say to someone, you know, um, and she was checking her bags, and I was helping her get all of her stuff. And I went right up to the, into the airport with her. And the lady behind the counter was masked. And she said, I’m sorry, ma’am. You have to wear a mask. And I kind of looked at her. And I was like, is that an order? And I was really kind of nice about it. I mean, at 630 in the morning, I was really kind of friendly about it. And she just kind of looked at me. And Angela was like, looked at me and the lady’s like, no, it’s a lie. You have to wear your mask in the airport. And I was like, No, it’s not. And I asked her if it was an order, and she just ignored me and didn’t know what to say. But I didn’t.

Yeah, is that an order because guess what, we’re not slaves. We don’t work for free. We don’t take orders for free. If you’d like to give an order, please put it in writing. I’ll let you know if I’m going to fulfill that order or not fulfill that order, by the way I charge 1500 Or maybe $15,000 per order, depending on the order and $100 per minute to fulfill such order. So please put this in writing and I will decide if I’m going to fulfill your order today. Shall I bill you now or shall I send it to your house? Would you like to pay in cash credit or Bitcoin? Yes, thanks. That’s

where I was at. I don’t remember all of it. But I’m getting there.

It’s fabulous because you don’t go to McDonald’s. Again, as John says in in our knowledge shares, you don’t go to McDonald’s and place your order and then pull up to the drive up window, pick up your order and then drive away without paying orders are not free. Unless you are a slave. I am nobody’s slave. So you will pay me for any order. If a police officer asks me to step out of the car, I will gladly fulfill order number one because he’s it he’s he’s holding me accountable at gunpoint. So I’ll comply but I’m going to charge your ass and it’s on your your body cam and I’m going to FOIA request that footage and I will send you my bill. Oh, you want me to put my hands over behind my back. That’s order number two. You want me to kneel down on the ground? That’s order number three. You want me to spin around on my left foot? That’s order number four. You want me to recite the alphabet? That’s order number five. So yeah, when Jill said today that she had gone to the airport and asked the lady is that an order and looked her in the eye? The lady was stopped in her tracks. She didn’t know what to say. Cuz she had never heard a woman which Jill is a woman stand up and express her law. How fabulous is that? That it just takes the right knowledge?

It does. And the confidence to express it.

Yep, there’s a vibration you shall be known by your words, and the true vibration will always trump the lie vibration and the negative vibration.

Wow that said

Jill I think we’ve given them a good good understanding of the difference between common law made by man, which was common around the world which they perpetuated the scam and law common to AI. So we are going to end on that note. We’re going to see you next week. Bye guys.

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