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Crypto, Investing, clearing your own credit fast….these are the things I am working on and will share with you as part of my circle.  Free videos, private zooms and life changing classes are what is coming!  Don’t miss out


Forex & Crypto Trading Platform

NovaTech is much more than a company delivering reliable trading services. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in. We are committed to providing individuals with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal and potentially limitless financial success.

NovaTech’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial heights and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them. We aim to provide the highest level of quality and service possible with respect to the products and services that we offer and strive to create an environment and culture that lends itself to our Associates success

Our belief is that a successful company is built around integrity, superior products and services, being driven by genuinely caring and motivated NovaTech members. Together we can build a better business.

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Best Credit Tracking Software


  • Experian, Equifax and TransUnion™ Reports & Scores Can Be Refreshed Every 30 Days
  • ScoreCasterIQ
  • 3 Bureau Daily Monitoring & Alerts
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance*

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knowledge share

Applying for your American National Passport

 I will share how I applied for my American National Passport after researching and learning the multiple ways to do this and why I did it this way, what the cost was and the outcome.


April 2022

@7PM Central