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Law versus Simon Says

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Hey Jill, how’s it going? Hey, everyone, we are here for our weekly Tuesday chat. We do this every week. And today we are doing just question and answer because every fourth week, we just open it up for questions. So any questions are fair game, whether it’s about the law, we talked about the credit, the private the public money, crypto, holistic health, plant based medicine, whatever, it doesn’t matter. So we’re just gonna get right into it today. And I’m actually camera ready ish. So we’re on camera here, for those of you that are watching the video replay versus those of you that are listening just to audio. So how’s it going? Gil?

Going good. Good Tuesday.

Good. Good. Good,

happy Tuesday. Alright, so we’re gonna get into, uh, you know, our few questions here. One of them is, can this process be used to solve problems at the City Council and county board of supervisors level and what that means by this process? For those of you that are just tuning in, she’s talking about the the lawful stuff that I teach the law common to either law knowledge that is different from the legal knowledge and the law, vocabulary and the lawful notices. So yes, so let’s break this down. Can this process and I assume you’re talking about the the three notices and the and the holding your own court and the, you know, the correspondence that comes before the three notices? Can it be used to solve problems at the City Council and county board of supervisors level? Yes. Now, let me explain the vocabulary here. Now, city council is a term for a group of men and women, city council doesn’t have ears, eyes, nose, throat, legs, fingers, toes, a brain, right? And neither does Board of Supervisors. That’s a title. Okay. So the men and the women are, who you hold accountable and who you address in the notice. So you would never write a lawful notice to the city council or to the Board of Supervisors, that all falls into the legal side. So let me back up a little bit. Again, for those of you that are hearing this for the first time, man and woman have the highest rank on the totem pole, below the Creator, whatever you believed created us or didn’t create us, we’ll just put the Creator at number one, and men and women at number two. Now men and women throughout the 1000s of years, created vocabulary and legal societies and courts and City Council’s and Board of Supervisors and buildings and all in books and writings and contracts and all the things that exist here today, men and women created, therefore, we have authority over it. So when men and women created city council and titles like I’m a supervisor, the men and the women that take those titles to be public servants, diminish their rights as a man as a woman, a man or a woman and they step down into a position of public service. It’s a diminishment of the rights that they have when they go home at night and step back up into being a man or a woman. So yes, it doesn’t matter if it’s a city council, a board of supervisors, a school board, a manager in a restaurant, those are all titles, but you can hold the man and the woman accountable using the lawful notices if you know their name. If they actually spoke to you or sent you something in the mail with their signature or their their autograph on it, then yes, you can hold them accountable. What I think this is what I’ve noticed, Jill, so many people are complying with rumors. Oh, there’s a there’s a rumor or someone said on the team, some actor or actress on the television programmed us to think that we have to comply because the television said so or a piece of paper on a store door said so or something was talked about or passed around at a meeting. That’s all intimidation tactics. It’s not even real. Now if a man or a woman comes up to you and looks you in the eye and says that you need to do something. Oh really? Is that an order? I may or may not fulfill your order. Why don’t you write that order down on paper and sign it and give me the details of it. Looking over, and if I decide to fulfill that order, I’m going to send you a bill because I don’t work for free. I’m not a slave. If I decide to fulfill your order, I will bill you for that. Maybe $15,000 a day, maybe $100 a day, it depends on what is in the order. But so many people are complying with rumors and papers. And I heard and the TV said, and my mayor said, Did they say it to you? Don’t you get that? Aren’t you gaining that clarity?

It’s like Simon Says, it seems like we’re playing a game of Simon Says, Simon says do this. And everybody just does it. Whoever the person is in front of you telling you to do something. They’re, they’re just doing it. Did you ever try saying no, I’m not.

Yeah, like you did just today, when you went to the hospital and the lady’s like, ma’am, I need to scan you and you’re like, No. Laughing

Yes. That and it’s, they’re taken back when you say no. And you know what, most of the time, nothing happens. I walked all the way to the other side of the hospital, got the documents I needed, left the hospital. And I mean, at one point she was showing me on her phone were to do it online, because they weren’t going to let me and I was like, no, no, it’s right down the hall. By Yeah,

I’m good. I can think for myself.

And you don’t need my temperature. You’re not You’re not touching my body. That’s not going to happen. I’m not your furniture. I’m not here for a medical appointment, either. Don’t touch my property. No, just have a nice day. And then and I’m not. The other part of it is is you can say no, without being rude to I don’t I don’t think I think there’s a time and yes, you can. There’s a time and place to assert. But for the most part, you know, I mean, the lady was kind of rude today, but at the same time, she didn’t stop me. Right? I think I told her to have a nice day and and just turn around,

shut it down with kindness kill him with kindness, you know, we’ve been taught that she, you know, their, their, their mental capacity is that of children, because they’ve been brainwashed. And what you and I and the people that that listen to this and join us on. We’re all grownups, we are our mind. And our knowledge has grown up from that of the childish mindset that we had before we learned law before we figured out that we were men and women. So yeah, I agree.

I don’t even know the whole part about is that an order? Like I know you teach it, but I don’t know how to respond that way yet. And we talked about that today. I just know that I don’t have to listen to you if I don’t want to.

You know, I don’t have to do what I’ve been told to do.

Exactly. I now at this stage of the game after I’ve unlearned so much over the last couple of years. I now know and I decide. Someone asked me the other day, why do you wear a seatbelt? Because they tell you to? No, actually, I quit wearing one for a long time. But then I did the research and I decided that if I get in a car accident, I’m good. I’m more likely to survive with the seatbelt. I don’t care what they say. Right? I’m choosing that of my own free will. So it’s it’s so it’s like a critical thinking that you have to do you have to stop and say wait a minute, who’s telling me to do this,

instead of us being called Pure Bloods. Now maybe we should be called Pure minds. Yeah.

Yeah. It’s crazy.

Yeah. And Deb. Deb says we tried an affidavit process. Address to the individuals holding them accountable for perjury of oath relies upon the sheriff to arrest them. Yeah, that’s all legal stuff. We don’t do it affidavits. We don’t teach affidavits. An individual is not a man or a woman. Perjury of oath, it doesn’t matter. Their oath doesn’t matter. In the lawful world. I don’t give a shit what your title is, what your oath is, who you work for. If you are a man or a woman that is trying to harm me in any way. That’s all I care about. All the rest of the complicated information is noise to me it’s like if it Zipit Are you a man or a woman trying to harm me? Or are you claiming that I owe a debt or that I I harmed you? I want to absolutely provide remedy right away. You know, I just had the the housewives on Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s like my you know, reality TV is my detachment from reality actually.


one of the characters, one of the characters Erica Jane is a very strong personality, um, and you know, on the surface on TV, you know, she she can cry her heart out on on, you know, behind closed doors and all that. But she’s one thing that if if she was sitting in front of me, I would say, you have to offer a remedy. Even if you’re not wrong. Even if you didn’t do wrong, even if you didn’t do the things that they’re claiming that some people are claiming, you may or may not have done, which her husband is one of the most well known lawyers on the planet, you know, embezzlement and Ponzi scheme, and all this is going on, since last year, even if, without a shadow of a doubt, she is innocent, you know, is not did not do anything to harm anybody, she needs to immediately say, which some of the cast members were alluding to. If I did anything, I would absolutely, absolutely provide remedy to the victims, I would. If that happened, if that actually happened, I will make sure that they are made whole and I provide remedy, and I returned to honor. But if not, I will present my claim to the court. If someone is claiming that I did something that I did not do, then I will present my claim at court. So it’s funny to have this knowledge and then see things all around you for what they really are. So even if she didn’t do anything wrong, she’s still not providing remedy right out of the gate, or offering remedy right out of the gate. She’s still being a hard ass and saying, you know, well, I didn’t do it, and I’m not a liar. And she’s being very angry. And, and, and cold about it, I guess is the way that I can interpret it. But if she knew this, she would know exactly what to do. And guess what? Her husband of 20 years, probably didn’t know law versus legal key probably only knows legal I was red pilling a lawyer when I picked up a TV the other day from his house from a yard sale. And he said, uh, you know, what do you do for work? I said, No, well, I take him off for a living. He goes, Oh, you’re a lawyer. I said, Oh, no, no, no, no, that’s legal. They don’t know law. He goes, Oh, well, I’m a lawyer. I’m like, Well,

no, no.

I know. And I’m just for five minutes I just gave him or even two minutes, I gave him information. And, you know, he goes, you know, you’re right about that. The judge does have to give you your day in court. And and he the we’ll start going, he goes, I just don’t really like you. And I’m like, doesn’t matter if they like me or not. Some get curious when they start seeing a real man or woman hold their own court. Very curious. There’s a there’s nine judges in Orlando, where my friend is holding her own court. And she says, the one the one I’m working with is so curious. And the prosecutor pulls me aside out in the hallway and ask questions. And, and even you said, Jill, that you went to you went to your clerk of court to do some, get some documents for your family. And the ladies there were like, you know, you’re you’re the second person since last week that came in and is doing this and and she asked for your number so that you can educate her. So this information is, is finally resurfacing.

It is and there’s more and more people that are figuring things out. And like nowhere land, I live in the middle of nowhere, our state doesn’t even have 800,000 people in it. So in the whole state, you know, so it’s not even just like anything, it’s literally we’re empty, and more people are figuring out it didn’t it doesn’t matter which way you go. There’s the lawful side, there’s the legal side, there’s authenticating birth certificates. But people are pulling documents and realizing the things that have went on why it’s the way that it is now. And it’s a process of unlearning everything because holy crap. And then to know there’s a lawful side and illegal side and I think Deb’s mixing the two? Yeah, yeah. And it’s easy to document you got to pick one

really easy to, to confuse the two because our whole lives we’ve only been taught one, we’ve only asked and we’ve been wrong, and we get wrong, right? Not only did they only teach us the legal, they only gave us half the information that benefits them. There’s other information that could benefit us like the secured party creditor if you choose half, right, but they left that part out because that would mean that we can balance the books and we can get our bills paid and we can open trust and do all this stuff that more about than I do. Yeah, so they’ve given us just enough information to trap us into their system

100% And then not teach us the foundation, being law calm and tie like that isn’t even Oh, you have a constitution. You know, when you said that the other day. I was like,

everything that starts with comp co n is a cause right? It was it was like a contract. constitution. Yeah, it’s

for me. And it was that was the moment that we went from the Republic to the democracy and George Washington became the first president of the corporation, which is on I mean, it’s all gone. So I was like, when you said that, I’m like, Whoa, Boston.

Every time I hear a word that starts with con I’m like, Let me think about that one.

Was it’s it’s amazing how you think about things as you go throughout your day knowing this information.

Yes, yeah, the word so it really is all spells and spelling. Yeah, that was like ah, I mean, TV programming program will continue after this commercial after someone has just paid to brainwash you for a moment you know, in between us break brainwashing you. Some programming you Yeah, it’s crazy. So all right, our next question is what kind of crypto Do you purchase? And Kay feel free to elaborate on that? i i Okay, so and everyone’s opinion and you know, is different and I am in no way a crypto expert I got in in 2017 and I’m I say I’m really terrible at it but I think it’s because I don’t hold I’m always trying to look for the quick win and oh, it’s up today and oh, I missed it because it was three in the morning and oh, I need to set my alarm and I make myself crazy with this. And my friends like Gil and other people. They just hold it and they’re up like 910 50 grand and I’m like I clearly I’m doing something wrong. I need to hold um, but I I would love to say that I have multiple bitcoins I don’t I don’t even have one I wish I had as many Bitcoin as possible because in my mind if if crypto is going to remain for the long term then Bitcoin was the original and the original never go question is like what’s going to remain because I’ve got several just to have the accounts right? We don’t know we’re gonna go that way we don’t know what’s gonna remain we don’t know we don’t have all the answers and remember it’s not a currency it’s an asset it is classified as an asset around the world it’s not to be used for money making money spending paying bills. It’s not it’s a it’s a collectible asset. So which is weird because it’s invisible, but I’m talking about it. What’s that? Is gold and silver coins? It’s considered a collectible asset as well. Well, that’s an asset that’s tangible. That’s real i i know that’s actual money. You know, a lot of real money that’s the only lawful money in America in around the world I should say. I assume other countries silver. Yeah, golden silver. That’s why I have some I like to have

the need impossible here.

Yep. So I when I started in 17, I was buying the Bitcoin the Ethereum the light coin. The alt coins that I got into where XRP What is it ADA is Parque da No, I was just you know, following the following the herd and just just focusing on one narrow and I currently Well, I’m looking at my screen right now, I’ll tell you what I have under my assets on coin base. I have and I’ve sold some in the past month, so I have a little load. I have of course I have Sheba I’m, I’m waiting for the next one or two surges. That’s it and I’m out. I’m out. I’m out probably by Christmas or January. I’m not holding it long term because it’s a mean point. It may skyrocket. I don’t know. I have tasers based on one of my good friends recommendation. I have xy Oh, I think that was a hunch. I have DFI money I don’t even know what it is all the math I have am a MP I have bounced token radicale the graph and then I have on other I have ran and then I a couple other exchanges. I don’t even know what i have i whatever has been purchased. Oh, I have a say Tama token and I have Floki token which I bought on gate.io. And, um you know, some little bitty coins that that that I gather when people take my free course there’s a link in there like hey, use, use my referral link and use this referral link and I gather like little bits and pieces of small coins that I don’t even know about. So that’s about it. So you’re about as knowledgeable as me Okay, yeah, yeah, you know, I, it’s to me, it’s always looking for somebody can explain it better. Yeah, to me, it’s just gambling right now. But I know the blockchain is is has been infiltrating the world for free for at least the past five years as far as gaining ground on being legitimate and doing smart contracts and all these things that that the blockchain does the block chain chain doesn’t do just crypto hosting.

Let’s see.

Okay, so let me anyone else have any other questions. And Gil, what are some of the questions we get? We get the question on. How do we shut down the mask mandates? Again, did a man or a woman tell you to still look at your face and tell you to put on a mask? Or or your offspring to put on a mask? Or did they call you on the phone? Because if not, it’s all just rumors and papers on doors and windows and signs and oh, just ignore that stuff.

It’s it’s can I make Can I interject? I wanted to and my name is Carolyn, nice to meet you. I’m I live seasonally between Florida and on the farm out here in a risk in North Dakota. Yeah. And I’ve been kind of back and forth. You know, texting Jill once in a while. My mom is in a living hell and nursing home and Bethany. It’s called Bethany far from North Dakota. And they have Jack, my brother’s daughter, Jad me and my sister were against it, because they had the power attorney My father died about a year ago unexpectedly. And he would have never wanted this stuff. And they masked her up in the room. So she got COVID After being I don’t know if they gave her the booster, I’m scared to ask she’s a diabetic, which is a autoimmune disorder. They didn’t even look at the FDA sites and then never they never explained the ingredient. They didn’t do nothing. Or when do you have to come in there take your temperature, you have to wear a mask. Now you have to say if you’ve got the vaccine, or or I would vaccine card, and I’d like to sue them. But I don’t really know. I mean, they’ve got enough evidence who is legal. And I don’t know how to, you know, just get it if we have enough documentation, enough people in the state that would bet probably backerboard class action, but we need to get an attorney. And that’s

all that’s all legal. If you get an attorney, you’re screwed. So I don’t know how to slide. That’s all the legal side. That’s what they want you to think that you have to do when you get when you get a lawyer, the lawyers job is to turn you over to the court.

Right. And so I guess they need to get educated or how to get educated how to go again. Right? Right. And that’s what I’m looking at. I mean, North Dakota is going through a very hard time now.

So you need to go to law, calm and i.com. It’s called law common to ai.com. And get on the waiting list. Depending on when people are listening to this on the replay will determine whether there’s a live free training, whether there’s a knowledge share, there are right now as of this recording, there’s a waiting list for our next training that we offer in about two months. And so that is where that is the entry point to learning law versus legal two completely different sets of vocabulary, two completely different jurisdictions, two completely different mindsets, two completely different processes. So I can hold core of Jennifer Goodwin, I can notice let’s say let’s say I was in that scenario, I would notice the man or woman by three different notices notice one notice to notice three, and would notice the man or woman that harmed my my mother if she wasn’t able to hold her own cord if she wasn’t have the mindset to to have this knowledge and to stand on her own knowledge then I would do it for her. And I would notice the man or the woman who put hands on her who put an injection in her who threatened to put an injection in her whether it was my brother, my sister, a nurse are a man or a woman acting as nurse a man or a woman acting as a doctor, a man or a woman acting as you know caregiver or or administrator at that location. I would immediately the first moment I heard of it, put them on notice notice number one I a woman, Jennifer and I go through the whole thing and if they didn’t respond immediately, and I I would go right into notice too. Is it your intent to wrong to harm My mother, okay, notice number three, as of you have not provided remedy yet, or maybe they did provide remedy by notice one sometimes notice one shuts it all down and they will, they will leave you alone. Sometimes by notice too, they will leave you alone, sometimes by notice three, they’re being an asshole, and they’re not providing remedy or they’re not acknowledging they’re not, then by notice three, you’re inviting them to court of Jennifer Goodwin and I will hold my court. And I will press my claim against you for harming my property. In this instance, my


Yeah, I’m going against corporate I’m going against the big boys here in people that have probably injected her quit because my court stands above the Supreme Court all day every day. And people just don’t realize that your court stands above the Supreme Court or any corporation or any lawyer or any judge all day, every day, you just need to know how to navigate it. See in my court, no lawyers are allowed. In my court. No judges are allowed that man who knows law has to act as a magistrate, my public servant. And in my court, there is no opinions and no judging allowed. Just facts, evidence claims, what is true. The reason that a court system says, do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is because the word truth is different from the word true. The word truth means whatever you believe they believe Santa Claus believes truth is just a belief. But what is true is what is supported by facts and evidence. And they don’t want you to bring in anything true into their courtroom because it would remove their controversy and their opinions and their judgments. So you just have to learn the new vocabulary, you have to take your childish knowledge and information that they they fed you over the past however many years you’ve been on this planet, and learn the grown up vocabulary, which actually Trump’s their system. Right? Well, they’re playing monopoly in their legal system, as John says, We’re over here playing chess in our lawful system. And chess is more powerful than monopoly all day, every day, our rules trumped their rules, if that makes sense, right. And I’ll have to learn more about how to write this up and all that and how to serve them and all that I’m,

I appreciate that. Jennifer, I knew there’s a workaround. And if I have to be the Daniel, you know, the Bible to do it, you know, whatever. I know. I’m rolling with it. The other thing is, I want to thank you for talking about cryptocurrency. I kind of started my journey a long time ago that I stopped because Coinbase shut me down because I had chargeback and I tried to reopen it up. And they you never get a hold them. I don’t think they’re the best. They’re not in the government. So I do have crypto.com And I got a debit card. But I do know a lot of people that use it to purchase stuff and a lot more. So I think he said something about it as an asset. classified as an asset currently, yes.

Even though yes, you can pay make payments to someone donations to someone transfer things. Yes. But it’s classified as an asset currently. Yes.

Where do you do you think? I think the currency is going away.

Who knows? I have all the things. I have some in cash, some in the bank, some in gold, some in silver, some precious metals and jewels and ammo and things that I could trade and crypto. And, you know, Jill and I are getting our hands on land and houses and all kinds of things. So who knows. But that said we like to keep these short and sweet. Jill, do you have anything else to add before? We

know I know. That’s it. I’m good. Thank you for your information. Yeah, Joe. Yeah.

Um, no, I think that’s it. This is a good, good time. I look. I’m starting to look forward to this every Tuesday.

I know. I know. What’s our next topic for next week? Yeah, we’ll circle back to like the public, private, you know, stuff next week. So thanks to everyone who joined us and thank you, everyone. We can go to go to all the things that Jill Landry calm the law calm and i.com, the true law.com And we’ll keep feeding this information out. So thanks, everyone.

Bye. Have a good day, guys.

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