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Hey, Joe, how you doing?

I’m doing good. How’s it going?

Good everybody, Jill, Jennifer, Jill Landry, Jennifer Goodwin, today, we’re just gonna hit the record button because we talk about this stuff all day every day. And we want to make sure that as we are learning and chatting that we share it out to you guys. So today we’re actually chatting about private versus public, right, we hear about, oh, you need to go into the private Oh, you need to get out of the public eye you got to pick one you’re gonna lose your rights, whatever, whatever. So we’re just gonna chat through some of the the information here the talk about the two different roads that you can take if you want to, I know more about the lawful side and Jill knows more about the the public side. She dabbles in learning about credit and banking and that side of things. And I, you know, with John Little for those of you that that follow the knowledge I share with that talk about holding your own core and how law is versus legal and legal is a counterfeit of law. And so anyway, we’re just gonna talk about private versus public today. Sound good?

I think it’s gonna be awesome. Because this is where as I’m, I feel like sometimes I have so much left to really learn, there is always something new to learn. And being able to discuss it and talk about it gives always gives you new ideas, new researching points, new things to look at. Because I think our perception should always be changing a little bit. To make sure that we’re, we’re confident and knowledgeable and we know what we’re talking about.

Yeah, I want to hear some of the things you’ve been learning in the past few weeks. And, you know, it’s it’s funny, because people say, you know, well, how, Jennifer, how can you how can you talk about how can you how can you be they give you titles? Or can you be an expert or teacher, which I don’t take titles, and just a woman, John and I are just women, sharing information with you, we’re not selling. You know, we can only speak to you as a woman. And,

you know, share our experiences. That’s it,

you have to learn this for yourselves. If you want to drop off a donation, that’s fine. You’re not buying anything. We’re not selling anything. But I love how that said, I love how people are saying, you know, say to me, Well, Jennifer, you know, if you haven’t mastered legal How can you talk about this? And I’m like, Yeah, that’s like saying, Jennifer, if you don’t know how to murder someone, how can you talk about not murdering someone? Well. I don’t have to know all the things to talk about one thing I don’t have to have, but I’ve never been married. I’ve never been dragged into court for child support or divorce or any of these things that a lot of you have gone through. Does that make us any less well versed in talking about the topics we do know about? No, silly, silly. So yeah, I want to hear what you’re learning always fascinates me. And what I learned fascinates you. And I love that we get to work together almost every day and talk about it. So let’s get into, you know, what you’re learning about? I don’t know public versus private. How would you define that?

Well, let me just say that I, I am so happy that you started researching and studying law common to AI because if I didn’t start there, and I’m nowhere near an expert, you know that I I’m pretty basic when it comes to that, but I understand the foundation. And by me learning the foundation is what really helped me even begin to grasp the legal side. Because once you once you start looking at the legal side of things, and you start hearing terms that are tossed around in different groups of people that you’re following listen to like the straw men and open ended credit and secured party creditor and UCC two and you’re like hearing all this stuff. It’s so unbelievable. It’s confusing. It’s unbelievable. It’s it’s a really hard thing to just grasp and there’s rabbit hole, their rabbit holes, but we all know at the end of rabbit holes are truth. So I mean, at that point, you know, and even if the end of the rabbit hole isn’t truth on the way there, you’re finding truth. Yes. It’s all on the legal side. These are all laws that are here. And you can follow them on this side if you play in this pond with this hat sort of, so to speak.

That token as John says in the monopoly Yeah, you can, you can be the man that pulls your chair up to the table to want to play the game. And then you can choose to pick up the token of the Monopoly game like the the top hat and a wheelbarrow and the race car, but then you are, then that token, that title is now subject to those duties, rules, obligations of the Monopoly game, and that’s what we’re talking Yes. I love that, John, just keep pounding that into our brains every time we meet the end, like you’re saying, the secured party creditor, the, the

sooner you can be a consumer, you know, to be

think of it as putting a costume on, but then you’re walking into the game where that costume works. But you have to use that those rules. Absolutely. Rules. There’s rules to each scenario. Yeah,

well, the the thing that has actually given me because once you move over to the legal world, you start navigating to the administrative processes, which is just paperwork, okay? It’s filing the correct paperwork. You can file incorrectly and land yourself in jail. So it’s not like, oh, my gosh, but what gave me enough confidence to even get going. And again, I’m six months in, people study this for 15 years. So that’s where my knowledge comes from, is right here today, as of supposedly, allegedly, October 19 2021, at 1257 Central PM. This is allegedly, this is where my knowledge comes from is from where I’m at. And it’s so crazy, because you can play in the different fields. But at the end of the day, it goes back to law common to AI, you can step out of all of it and stop it with a notice.

Just knowing your rights. Yes. So that’s waiver for sure. rights. I should have got an awesome and then you have to be able to

enforce enforce them. Yep. So when I started, because I immediately went up against an attorney, a third party creditor, the attorney was going to sue me. I was like, Oh, shit, here we go. Let’s I told you today, right? I gotta go.

Up against a costume. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah. And I was I was nervous. And I, I won the first part of it. There’s a lot of different remedies. There’s a lot of different ways to get remedies. It’s it’s much more complex than law common to I, to me law coming public versus private.

How would you define that in one sentence?

It’s the difference. I just wrote it down. public versus private, as as legal versus lawful, is contract versus handshake. It’s, it’s really, it’s a two lane road. It’s a two lane road. And then there’s, with with lawful, there’s not a whole lot of other roads to leave, you just can stay straight on that road. And at the end of the day, you’re a woman, period. And you you’re at on the other side, it’s a lot more complex with multiple digits. Yes. It’s like an additional game. Yeah.

Yeah. So it’s like to me another analogy, I guess would be Amish operate in lawful, yes. And to man, woman to woman take care of their community. They don’t they don’t operate in the English world, as they call it, where all the legal quackery is the public stuff. They’re very private. And then the public has all these countries and states and games and statutes and codes. And it’s just like, it’s like going to to one of those one of those stores or take your kids and they’re all different, like there’s an arcade and there’s like Chucky Cheese, and then there’s the bounce house. And it’s like, you could do a million things out here in the public. Or you can go back to your house and be private. Yes,

yes. And you can do both. You can do both. When not if you don’t. Yeah, no, not at the same time. I do at the same time. You have to keep them separate. And you have to keep the terminology separate. You have to keep the thought process separate. You definitely. And you start out in the public. That’s where we all start out until we learn this by accident mentally by accident. Yeah. Yeah. Mentally by accident all

by. Yeah. Because that’s what everyone’s programmed to think is that once what everyone’s doing is is what we’re supposed to do. And oh, so what have you been learning? You’ve been focusing on a lot of credit stuff in the past few months or a year. What else? What’s some sort of juicy thing you haven’t told me yet? Your secrets. I know right? past videos.

In the past week, I have not taken action on any of this yet I, to me, it’s a process of listening. I usually watch if I’m watching a training or learning about something, I listen and I learn, and then I go in and I take notes, and then I take some action. So, this week, I am going to be practicing how to remit your coupon payments that come so you get a bill. Yeah, let me see I have a visual. Yeah, it’s gonna be. And it’s a it’s kind of a a lot to explain. So I’m going to keep it basic.

Yeah, so here, we’ll shoot me? Because I can There you go. So here’s a typical utility bill. And what she’s saying is the bottom isn’t I’m not a bill up, it’s actually a coupon that you can sign and remit to have your bill paid because your bills already paid. So you endorse this check and send it back to them?

I know I know, right? It’s a dividend check. So one, one of these conversations when when I know a little bit more, and we have more time, of course, we’re going to do this for a while. But we can talk about the strawman account and what happens when you get a social security number. But to keep it very basic for this, assume that you know, when your social is created, you have a have a trust bond that’s run on the back, and you’re worth a certain amount of money that’s traded on the market. So let’s just keep it super simple right there. Yeah. Account Number. Yep. On every. Yeah, every time.

What are what is this account? Treasury account? This is what people are throwing around. Right? Yeah. And

there’s so many different words. So many different things that people i It confuses you if you don’t kind of pay attention a little bit, I have to dedicate some time every day like I’m sure you do just to happen and listen to what other people are talking about. Go read some laws go reads, you know, a case or something just to stay

here in the private doing nothing.

So I know you’re

out there doing the complicated stuff.

Working on notices, but it’s the terminology that catches a

lot of people up. Yeah, I know the devils in the details. Yeah.

So when you start talking about that. It gets really confusing. So in my head, I just keep it basic your social security numbers, and it’s an account number. It’s an account number to a trust that has money in it. Okay, we’ll keep it basic.

Okay. At least that’s what you’re thinking.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s super basic. And when you look at it for remitting bills for this purpose, so every time you use that social, like to get your utility bill, you had to give them your social security number, right.

That’s right. Yeah. They always ask you for your social. And your last I do you need my social to turn on my electricity. And they say, well, it’s for eight to run your credit. Yeah. Oh, so that means they’re not. Oh, my God, the word pulling your credit. They’re pulling your money? Yes. They just got it.

Yes. So now does it make sense when I tell you, that’s not a bill, that’s a dividend payment, because they wrote a bond when you gave them permission to extend credit, unknowingly, they took a bond. And, for example, I don’t know how the price gets figured on all these bonds yet. I haven’t figured that out. But let’s say for example, purposes, it’s a $10,000 bond that they wrote on the back they’re going to be making money off of that on the market. So when they send you your bill, it’s a dividend check. You’re supposed to remit EU not an easy process either. So I have not went through the process. Hi,

isn’t it easy? I mean, that’s to me that sounds like remit for payment the way you know remit for payment simple. My name. And or if it was me being dumb to that side of stuff, because like you said, I’m focused on learning the most important information first law coming to AI How to Self govern first, before I go out and play in their games, if I decide to, I would call them up and say, So my understanding is that this is a dividend check, and I’m supposed to sign it, to remit How do I do that? And if the first clerk says, Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about, great. Get your supervisor on the phone. And I’d have them tell me how to do it. So

that would be the best way to do it because you’re also at that time putting them on notice, which is something that they need to know that you’re going to be remitting your dividend checks instead of paying your bills so that it doesn’t become a pain in the ass for you moving forward because you might not limitation hold up in court? Yes. And 98% of the time, these people at the bank or wherever, look at you like you’re crazy, because how long have we done it the same way? Because they

go home and pay their bills. So why? Yeah, exactly. Because that’s what the Cabal did is they segregated all the departments. So the clerk doesn’t know what the managers doing. The manager doesn’t know what this is doing. And so they segregated at all. So nobody knows.

The whole Yeah, they don’t know the whole story. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So my one of my biggest questions, you know, this is all great and and title 15, Chapter 41. In the UCC code has lots of lots of really great information for us as consumers Truth in Lending acts, you should read these things, if you’re playing in this pond over here. Fair Credit Reporting Act. There’s a lot of things in there to protect people. But, Jennifer, I continue to ask myself all the time, even as I’m looking at secured party creditor, which is another whole level up and being your own bank and moving your own assets. In 1861, Congress walked out. Didn’t Congress make all these laws that I’m learning on the on the public side?

Oh, no, you tell me Oh, no,

I I’m there. They’re federal laws. So I feel like that’s the case. But if there is no government, because they walked out, and we have a board of directors, and it’s a corporation, like, are we pretending over here? I mean, I’m fine with playing your Monopoly game. I don’t really care. But it

says the Monopoly game exist. Yeah, I know, I know. Are we playing a fake virtual reality game?

Well, and there’s people winning, I’m watching people win with remedy, I’m what like, it’s, it’s not a matter of if like I’ve done marketing for a very long time, I’ve done e commerce for a long time, those things are are you build that skill, you build that skill, you build that skill, you keep building, eventually you’re going to generate money, you’re going to generate some success. And some you know what I mean, this is the same way. But in my head, I’m just like, This is literally a game. On this side. It’s a game. It’s all a game. It’s all a game. And I personally game, the lawful side to me is so much easier to understand and comprehend, I get to the point where sometimes I’m like, I don’t even want to look at this stuff anymore. I just want to go over to the lawful side, just

I know. That’s what John says all the time. He’s like, No, I don’t, I don’t contract with them ever. I know. He only writes in the private, you know, cash for his home cash for his cars cash for what he needs. He’s out. Now, he does choose to contract with them on very few things like having a driver’s license and insurance and registration, because God forbid, he runs over somebody. He wants the protection of those things, right? Those things have rules that protect a driver. And that that makes sense to me as well. $5 million to pay a family if God forbid, I run someone over

or you don’t have a private bond to do that. Yeah, that’s what you would have as a private bond in the private banking side. And it’s, it’s easier, in my opinion, to do it with the dang driver’s license right now,

because we haven’t reestablished our new systems. We haven’t established good lawful private banking systems to take care of our communities.

Well, and right now, until until what they kick in a new driving tax, they kick in something else, because I tell you what, it start costing me three, four or $5,000 a year to drive I’ll be getting rid of that driver’s license and dealing with the hassle you can quit taking. That’s my time and energy. That’s not just federal reserve notes. To me, that is my time and energy. And if we’re talking a couple 100 bucks here or there and a couple of rules to follow. Sure, I can put that in. But you want to hit me with some dumbass driving texts or something? No, I’ll find a way around. It’s like, it’s choices that we get to make as individuals and men and women of what we want to do we hold the ultimate

power. Yep. Yep. So that’s crazy about the the dividend checks and the remittance. And, man, imagine if we go back, oh, we have to really make that spreadsheet I was talking about where we put a column for each thing. You know what it takes obviously the lawful column it’ll be so simple. It’d be like three notices we’ll do court. But then the secured party creditor column just so people can see like, this is how confusing it is out there. This is how careful you have to be this is how you really have to do a soul check and decide what you want to do which lane you want to be in. Is it worth it? Is it dangerous? Is it risky? You know, because there’s plenty of people that have gone down those paths, and ended up in jail because they didn’t know all the rules of that game. And they, they, they stepped into an area that got them in trouble. Not because Oh, the government will come lock anyone up that’s doing truth to hope stuff. No, because they they chose to play that game. And they didn’t know the rules as well as the game makers. Yeah. And the game makers were like, Ah, you you, you roll the dice wrong, now we’re gonna send you to jail.

Yeah, and I think that, like I said, law common to I will get me out of anything on the contract side, I can use a notice and, and and basically kind of operate even in equity a little bit and say, Hey, I’m really sorry. You know, I didn’t mean you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you start your first note. Yeah. And that’s an

important point to make. Because we don’t use law calm and I to get out of no Bo, we use law calm and have i to, to protect our rights, but to always stand in honor and always to provide or accept remedy. Yep. So honorable, honorable way of life.

100%. Um, so as I’m learning before I started filing notices and doing the administrative process, it wasn’t maliciously to get anything, it wasn’t maliciously to do anything other than start to obtain control of what I feel was rightfully mine. Right. So I’m not doing anything to be greedy. Right, right. So if I file a piece of paper wrong, I can come back in and do law comment i and send a notice, however, I’m not sure how many times you’ll be able to continue to do something like that if you keep doing that, right. But I highly suggest if you don’t understand. I mean, whether you learn stuff from me, which I have an email list. And that’s pretty much the only way I’m going to communicate. But there’s lots of other great knowledgeable, people that share information too. So if it’s something that interests you, and you have the wherewithal to do the research and the learning, you can live, you can live with no bills, you can live with open ended credit, like these are all laws that are on in the codes and in the laws that were written will

let you do it first. Yeah.

I gotta bail money, okay.

All the things, I’m over here in the private just kind of like,

well, and you’ll be there to help me if I get it. Listen, I have to be able to, like my husband, he know he’s not like upset about any of it. But he’s like, I don’t want to learn it. I don’t want to understand it like, so it’s not a conversation I can have with him. So being able to have the conversation with you being able to have the conversation. I’m in a couple different groups. I make sure and I comment and I asked questions on the people that I follow. That’s how you learn and then go look it up.

There are and I do know that you know, some of these people are remitting these stubs. These dividend checks which is crazy. So one of the how much money how much sense you just kind of blew my mind that yeah, they borrow our money. Yeah, and our consent by giving them our social which is access to our account. Yeah. And then they make money off of holding the money just like anyone else does. Just like Home Depot doesn’t pay their bills for nine months because they’re holding the money. Their home depot doesn’t make money on tools. I remember when I first learned this because I used to design the the Home Depot’s in my architectural career. I used to do all the site plans for the new Home Depot’s back in the day, like year 1999 When they were popping up everywhere. And someone said to me, Home Depot doesn’t make money on tools. And I’m like what are you talking about? They’re like, they don’t pay their vendors for six to nine months. Wow, they have a six to nine months remittance where they pay their bills. And that way they’re making money on holding the money. They’re literally like a bank. Yeah. Where money launder or whatever. The

same thing. Yeah. Yeah, doing it building the money.

They get the product from the vendors. They don’t pay for it. All the customers come in and dump a bunch of money into their stores and then sit on that money for six to nine months before giving it back to the vendors. Wow. Brilliant. Yeah. So yeah, they’re making interest. Mm hmm.

Hold it, they’re holding the money. They’re trading it. They’re making a ton.

And they’re making markup small markup on the on the goods.

Now there’s some things that I don’t understand and and and for anybody that’s watching this that has additional information when I asked questions you can email me at jill.landry@gmail.com JLL dot Landry, l a n d r i e.com. I won’t always have time to look at everything, but some things will catch my attention. How do they determine what those bonds are? Like? I’d like to know how do they determine how much money those bonds are? How do they I think it’s like

where we were born. I think it was where we were born, who our parents are, how much they think our labor will be worth in the future? Will we go graduate high school? Will we go to college? Will we go to a good college? Will we be the type of family that goes into professional services versus blue collar? Are we going into the military? I think they have this like slave labor formula worked out? That’s what ancestry.com and DNA stuff, it’s got

to be some kind of mathematical form. Yeah, they plug in these numbers, you know? And then how do they decide what your rate of return is? So you get that coupon in the mail from the electric company or your car company or whatever? How do you? How do you do? Like, I’m so I don’t know. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. And then I’m watching somebody. So the group should

do we should do what we should do a day where we just call all these companies? And we’re like, yes, so we’re trying to remit our coupon, we have to know how to sign it for remittance, and just call it like for an hour, just call or call all the bills in front of us. And we’ll call each one.

We should we should do it live. So in the group that I’m in this, there’s several people that are showing their remedies, and I’m going to say 70% of them are getting kicked out of their banks hung up on one lady got barred from the bank, because she’s like, I want to talk to the manager, and you have to go in calm. You have to understand that you’re going to be frustrated a little bit. Is it worth it to you? Well, yeah, that’s

what I literally was just texting a friend of mine before we jumped on here. Because he’s like, Well, why don’t you just you know, why are you paying your your credit cards? I said, Listen, again, this isn’t about getting shit for free.

Right? No, that’s not it.

They provided a service that I needed at the time. I’m willing to pay for some services. You know, I mean, obviously, until I

understand another process, if it’s any better and and moral and as a goal and actly. Exactly. Yeah, I’m

doing plus, let’s say, Okay, it’s moral that let’s say I come to my conclusion that it’s morally right. Not to pay my $3,000 credit card bill. Well, wouldn’t I wait for it to be a $300,000 one, you know, why would we poke the bear on the little stuff? And then get banned?

I’m picking out what you’re laying down. Yeah, I

mean, again, I’m not. I’m not I pay everything right now. Well, not everything. I mean, there’s like a $35 parking violation. I’m not paying that shit. That’s retarded, because that one’s wrong. I have a valid registration and license and insurance and everything. And they still gave me the parking violation while I was at a restaurant. Because they thought and didn’t check to see if it was valid. Okay, well, you’re wrong. So am I paying that one? All right. But yeah, and then if our bills are if those are not bills, and then I want to go back and get the money that that

I already paid? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz there’s

the next thing we have to figure out is the accounting, how to get get the accounting in our hands and say, Well, wait a minute, I paid all this in. But only this was do you owe me.

So there’s also what’s called and we had talked about this, I don’t know if you ever set your account up. I haven’t it’s on my I have a to do list of stuff to go through. But getting your full credit file from LexisNexis and not your credit report. Because you will be blown away how many lines of credit and bonds are out in your name and you did not approve them. I was looking up some lawsuits Wells Fargo just recently got sued in the last 12 months for creating accounts of people’s social security numbers and writing bonds on the back end of them but nobody really picked it up in the news because they don’t understand that you get a bond row when you do credit. They didn’t they didn’t get it. I reread it now knowing what I know and I was like these people just legit got caught and nobody even picked up on it man. Oh, we got

to wrap it up here because we’ve got to do but um, yeah private versus public it’s it’s it’s people need to understand that there’s two lanes and to me the private is super simple and a woman you you you you you barter or you pay what you know money compensation or something for for something you did and it’s

the foundation Foundation and

the public there’s it’s like it’s like the Disneyland of the Cabal it’s like you can ride you can go on that ride there’s a scary ride there’s not so scary ride there’s a ride for all ages, there’s, you know, you got to be certain height to do certain Yes, you get on certain rides, it’s like you have to be 21 to to drink. I mean, it’s just like, it’s complete confusion. And so at least people need to understand there’s public and private understand the private first because you have to understand how to self govern, understand law calm and I understand what law is versus legal understand that, that you can hold your own court, and then go and look at all the other stuff again and go, Oh, wow. Okay, well, I may or may not choose to go in that lane. And I may or may not choose to pick one of the 53 things that I can do over there. Um, yeah, so Whoo, this is gonna be fun. This is gonna be fun. We’re talking about this stuff all day long. Next week, I think we should talk about another one of our favorite topics, which is like Holistic Health, cannabis, medical freedom, plant based medicine, because our brain function and our body function is so important to also fighting this spiritual war that we’re, we’re all engaged in right now. So absolutely. This is fun. This is fun. And we just highly encourage everyone to jump into our our telegram chats and, you know, tune back in next week to see what Jill and I are chatting about. So thanks for joining and we guys soon bye.

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